Large and small wounds applied and painted by me on actor Max Reeves for short film “Rash” written and directed by Tony Woo Joun.  

Beat up makeup on actor Juaquin Esqueda using several different small wound prosthetics and hand painted brusing, all applied and painted by me.

Infected facial wounds I sculpted for prosthetics shop Wicked Within SFX. Applied and painted by me on actor Nicholas Skinner.

Stitched lips applied and painted by me on actors Sara Silva and Michael Evans Lopez for short film “I’ll See You In My Dreams” by Santana Guirre. Photos taken by Kyla Rain. 

Left picture shows a swollen top of hand prosthetic applied and painted by me. The right shows bruising makeup to match right before the hand becomes fully “Swollen”.

SFX makeup of glass embeded in the face after a car crash on actor Abigaille Ozrey.

Frostbitten makeup using alcohol paints and fake snow and ice on model Michael Taranto.

Severe swollen and beaten makeup using several prosthetics to create the illusion of swollen eye and cheekbones. Painted and applied by me.

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