Here is an example of an original alien character I created. I sculpted, moulded, applied and painted it for my model Maria Matiz Borda. I also shaved and painted feathers for the “Porcupine quill” headpiece.
A Dungeons and Dragons inspired makeup depicting an original character I call a “Dice Goblin”. Prosthetic ears and facial piece applied and painted by me on model Michael Taranto.
A “Monster under the bed” character I got to help design and create for the short film “Below” with collaboration from the director Chance Muehleck. Prosthetics applied and painted by me.
Using a forehead prosthetic, teeth FX and some hair styling, I made actor Kitt Walker into a neanderthal. On the left is a look at him on set and the right is a look at him in the makeup compared to his professional head shot.
An ice dragon makeup I applied and painted, inspired by the TV show Game of Thrones.
A zombie makeup with a ripped mouth on model Daniela Festa.