Here is an example of an original alien character I created. I sculpted, moulded, applied and painted it for my model Maria Matiz Borda. I also shaved and painted feathers for the “Porcupine quill” headpiece.
A demon character created using airbrush and cream paints on InfectedFX prosthetics.
I did Glam and FX makeup on model Stephanie T. Silva to make her into a hottie Who for Janelle Monáe’s Halloween Party invite video. Janelle Monáe’s Grinch makeup was done by makeup artist Angie Davis.
Dryad makeup I designed and created using many different creative elements. Mushroom prosthetics were from an Etsy shop called MeduusatStudio. Mushrooms applied and painted by me. Antlers were from Blue Knight Props also on Etsy. I painted the antlers and combined them with a crown I made out of wire, fake flowers and moss. I made the vines out of hot glue and painted them. Everything else is a combination of alcohol paints and beauty eyeshadows.

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired makeup depicting an original character I call a “Dice Goblin”. Prosthetic ears and facial piece from Rubber Wear, applied and painted by me on model Michael Taranto.

A “Monster under the bed” character I got to help design and create for the short film “Below” with collaboration from the director Chance Muehleck. Prosthetics from Rubber Wear, applied and painted by me.

A Buffy and Interview with a Vampire inspired special effects look using a brow prosthetic from BBSFX, some red contacts, fangs and a blonde curly wig. All applied and painted by me.
Using a forehead prosthetic, teeth FX and some hair styling, I made actor Kitt Walker into a neanderthal. On the left is a look at him on set and the right is a look at him in the makeup compared to his professional head shot.
An alien makeup I created with a nose prosthetic from Rubber Wear and goat esq contacts. The paint job is inspired by the colourful markings on some tropical fish. All applied and painted by me
An ice dragon makeup I applied and painted, inspired by the TV show Game of Thrones.
A zombie makeup with a ripped mouth on model Daniela Festa.