An old Hollywood glamour photo shoot with a modern twist. Makeup done on model Valentina Reneff-Olson. Photo taken by David Quan.
Beauty and glam makeup for a fashion shoot with Cineteller Productions. From left to right models are Devorah Story wearing Rebdolls, Elizabeth Turner wearing Petal and Pup as well as Princess Polly, and Priscilla Ricart wearing Princess Polly.
Glam rock beauty photo shoot with actress and model Bianca Stein.
A photo shoot with beauty makeup and gold leafing for a high fashion look on model Malea Elan.
Colourful jaguar eye makeup for a bright fierce look.
Some rock n roll beauty makeup I got to do on the lead singer of Holy Wars, Kat Leon. It was during an up and coming music video filmed on actual film. The drama of the makeup with her singing skills and the beautiful camera work really brought the music to life.
Behind the scenes photos taken on set of a music video with singer Cailyn Riley. Golden cat eye glam beauty makeup with a nude lip to go with her red suit.
A Spring floral photo shoot with model Lily McKillip.
Some Contortionists from a holiday themed photo shoot for circus performers. Models are Scarlet Checkers and Brynna Raine. First Picture of Scarlet shot by Brandon (instagram handle brandxyn), talent agency is Firestorm Talent.