Who makeup and beauty makeup applied on model Stephanie T Silva by me for Janelle Monáe’s Halloween party invite video. Janella Monáe is pictured here also as The Grinch, Grinch makeup applied by artist Angie Davis. 

A dryad character that had a lot of pieces put into it. I used mushroom prosthetics that I painted an applied, premade resin cast horns I painted, a crown of moss and flowers I created from scratch, and vines I made out of hot glue and then painted and applied. Then of course a green and brown beauty makeup underneath. 

A Fox Spirit character I helped create for the film “Kodama” on actor Bruce Inaba. I did messy Geisha inspired beauty makeup to blend into the white of the fox mask. Wig also styled and installed by me. 

Turning my friend Christina Gonzalez into Thor for Halloween! They bought a lace front wig that I styled and cut for their night out. 

Before and after clean cut makeup to tattooed gothic makeup on model Molly Stanley. All tattoos airbrushed on. 

Viking makeup with prosthetic scarring, fake dirt and runic inscriptions on actor Nicholas Skinner.

Black and white makeup hand painted and airbrushed on model Michael Taranto to emulate Willem Da Foe from “The Lighthouse”.

Musical “Chicago” inspired vintage 1920’s beauty makeup for a murderess and slit throat dead makeup on her victim. 

Red Queen and King makeups from Alice in Wonderland inspired by actual makeup looks used in the 16th Centuary during Queen Elizabeth the firs’st reign. 

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