A transformation makeup from clean cut beauty to goth beauty with model Molly Sabat.
Warrior viking makeup with runic inscriptions and scarring on actor Nicholas Pahl Skinner.
Queen and King of Hearts photo shoot done in an Elizabethan makeup style. King of Hearts makeup done on Michael Taranto.
An homage to Willem Dafoe’s character in the film “The Lighthouse”. The makeup is all black and white alcohol paint airbrushing on model Michael Taranto.
A fortune teller character I got to bring to life on a commercial shoot for the Heymarket app, filmed in San Francisco. Working with wigs is always fun!
These were two old age makeups I did on two differently aged women. One woman is in her late 20’s and one was 19 at the time. Can you guess which is which??
Drag stage makeup I did on model Lily McKillip with beauty palettes and a pretty silver wig.