Alex Pahl Skinner with long hair applying makeup to an actor wearing a backwards hat and a flannel in a winged eyeliner and dark lipstick

   Alex Pahl Skinner is a special effects and beauty makeup artist living in the Los Angeles area and working wherever a project may take them, both in and outside of the country. Originally from the Bay Area in California, Alex went to San Francisco State University where they got a Bachelors degree in Studio Arts, focusing on sculpting and drawing. 

   After graduating, Alex decided they wanted to pursue makeup art at Cinema Makeup School after realizing their bachelor in studio arts degree could translate into a makeup artist career in the entertainment industry. Alex has always loved films and television, especially the incredible practical makeup effects that bring to life to so many beloved movies a TV shows.

   Alex graduated from Cinema Makeup School in 2017 after taking their year long beauty through special effects makeup course, and has been working in the entertainment industry ever since. 

   If you’d like to contact Alex for your event or project, you can reach out to them via email by clicking this link (Here)


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